ABOUT US - What defines the brand?

ABOUT US - What defines the brand zimt&grün?

Our brand

zimt&grün stands for sustainable children's fashion with a timeless design.

Inspired by nature, our range is crafted harmoniously with it. We exclusively use sustainable materials and focus on a minimalistic and at the same time bold and playful style. This creates a unique and relaxed garments which the youngest among us feels comfortable in

Who we are

We are a young family business whose mission is to create high quality and responsibly sourced fashion for younger generations.

Together with our two children, we live on the edge of a forest in a quiet town in northern Germany. This peaceful scenery that surrounds our home has inspired us to value all facets that nature has to offer and to make our daily lifestyle as sustainable as possible.

Our Vision

We experience almost every day the special bonds that our children have with nature. The joy in their eyes as they play outdoors and the creativity and adventurous spirit that they develop in the countryside is a joy that we see on a regular basis. All of this inspires us enormous as parents.

As we close our eyes, we feel the enthusiasm of our little ones. As we see different textures, smell fragrances, hear rhythms and observe how light and shadow are transformed into endless shapes.

Therefore, we chose these two words, cinnamon and green, deliberately: They are symbolic of our life connected with nature and the different sensory impressions that come with it. Exactly those feelings drive our creativity and are the foundation of our label zimt&grün.

At the same time, the brand name is also a reminder of the importance of sustainability. Growing up at our home on the edge of the forest and living with our children makes us aware of this important principle at all times. It gives us a clear purpose and encourages us to preserve and pass on our bond with mother nature. 

Our Production

All our designs are manufactured in Europe in small, family-owned factories. Each of these locations is carefully selected. This way we ensure that all stages and aspects of production are transparent and ethical. With respect for our planet, we don't mass produce, but instead invest in artisan craftsmanship. Each and every zimt&grün garment is made from high quality, environmentally friendly and long-lasting fabrics with fine details that make it very special. Thanks our approach, our children can proudly wear the garments from zimt&grün for many seasons and in all kinds of weather. And not only that: they can even pass the long-lasting garments down to the next generation, establishing a lasting cycle.

Our Collection

In each of our pieces, there' a very special and unique detail. Whether it's a contrast of color, a pattern of shape, or a fabric texture.

We have selected gentle shades from grey to pale pink as well as beige to lovely greens and blues in our collection. As if they had just emerged from the natural surroundings ready to be mixed and matched.

As for our fabrics, we choose to work with highly innovative and natural fabrics, such as lyocell, certified organic cotton and pure wool. They lend our range a soft feel, a sense of luxury and a great feeling of well-being -  just the way children love it.